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Recommendations and Compliments

I have known Ronda Roaring for more than 25 years...I employed Ronda to help me with those tasks and continue to employ her for various projects. I find her helpful, prompt, and careful. She always follows directions and works well unsupervised...Ronda displayed considerable tact...

W.J. Dress


Thanks for everything. You did a great job and we all appreciate it.



It’s been a pleasure working with you.


I have had the opportunity to work with Ronda Roaring. I have found her to be an efficient, thorough, caring person with a sense of humor...Ronda and I worked well as a team...

Patricia M.

I believe Ronda would be an asset to anyone needing excellent research methodology, who works independently, and pays attention to detail.


Ronda’s  work was of high quality, responsive to [our] needs, and timely, and we appreciated her assistance.

Xenia Coulter

I am writing to recommend Ronda Roaring very highly...Her long experience as a professional writer and her  master’s degree in public communication give her hand expertise and knowledge.


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