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Do You Need a Writing Coach? Let's See...

What does a writing coach do?


  • act as a guide and mentor.

  • help you organize your project.

  • help you determine a schedule.

  • help you achieve a completion date.

Who does a writing coach work with?

I work with...

  • students who need to complete applications, essays, or other academic works.

  • academics who want to share their research and theories.

  • business owners who want to sell products.

  • professionals who want to share their expertise or complete reports.

  • authors, writers, and poets who need help organizing and completing a manuscript.

The purpose of the coach is to guide you through the process and help you to accomplish your goal of finishing your work.

A writing coach can help you...

  • create a productive writing environment.

  • get rid of baggage and excuses that are preventing you from accomplishing your short- and long-term goals.

  • prioritize tasks.

  • manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

  • stay focused and on task.

  • craft clear, concise prose.

  • find the writing process more enjoyable.

What a writing coach is NOT...

  • a ghostwriter.

  • a development editor.

  • a book doctor.

A writer may consult with the coach...

  • once a day.*

  • once a week.*

  • only when needed.

Longer consultations are available to get you organized or over a hump.

*Accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

Our First Discussion

We will discuss...

  • the subject of your project.

  • marketing your project.

  • what you hope to accomplish with your coach (goals).

  • challenges to achieving those goals.

  • what you would like to get out of the coach-writer relationship.

  • creating a plan.

  • agreeing to a timetable.

Copyediting and proofreading services also available.

We can also discuss...

  • the stages of the project.

  • the premise or plot

  • tone, style, voice based on your intended audience

  • how to create captivating fiction or nonfiction narration.


Group coaching and group seminars also available.